Characteristics of Woven Bags

sewing of pp woven bag
sewing of pp woven bag

PP Woven Bags are ornamental implements that we can frequently use, but to be honest, the use of plastic woven bags and paper-plastic compound bags is veritably common. So, what are the factors that promote the wide relinquishment of this kind of woven bag, in other words, what are its truly seductive features of it? Below I’ll take woven polypropylene bags fabric
as an illustration to explain in detail the general characteristics of woven poly grain bags.

The main characteristics of poly woven fabric are as follows:


pp woven fabric
pp woven fabric

Plastics are generally light, and the relative viscosity of plastic lacings is about0.9-0.98 grams per boxy decimeter. Common polypropylene fabric. However, it’s original to the relative viscosity of polypropylene, If no padding is added. The relative viscosity of polypropylene used for plastic weaving is 0, 9- 0, 91 grams per boxy decimeter. In general, fabrics are lighter than water.

High Extension at break

polypropylene woven bag is a raw material with strong extension at soft breaks in plastic products, woven poly grain bags which is related to their molecular formula, crystal clear position, molecular exposure, etc. It’s also related to the type of compliments. How to use the strength( compressive strength/ rate) to consider pp woven sack plant, which is lesser than or close to the essence compound material and is resistant to solvent erosion.
Plastic Plat has excellent erosion resistance to inorganic and organic composites, and it has no effect on it for a long time below 110 ° C. It has veritably weak organic chemical resistance to organic detergents, vegetable canvases, etc. When the temperature rises, carbon tetrachloride, xylene, banana water, etc. can solubilize it. Fuming nitric acid, fuming nitric acid, halogen rudiments and other strong essence oxides will oxidize it, and it has good erosion resistance to strong acids and general alkalis.

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