What is Mesh Bag?

mesh bag potato packaging
Potato packed in a mesh bag

Mesh bag used for packaging vegetables, fruits, etc.
The mesh bag is mainly made of polyethylene as the main raw material, which is extruded, stretched into flat wire, and then woven into a mesh bag. This kind of bag can be used for the packaging of vegetables, fruits, and other items, but it is not suitable for hard and water chestnuts. Bulk material packaging.


GB10806-89 regulates product classification, technical requirements, testing methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, and storage of plastic mesh bags.
This standard applies to mesh bags made of polypropylene or polyethylene as the main raw material, extruded, stretched into flat yarns, and then woven. This kind of bag can be used for the packaging of vegetables, fruits, and other items, but it is not suitable for the packaging of hard block materials with water chestnuts.

Product category

red color mesh bag
red mesh bag for packing potato

The weaving method is divided into two categories: plain-woven mesh bags and warp-knitted mesh bags.
Plain weave mesh bags are divided into three types: large net, medium net, and small net according to different warp and weft densities.
Warp-knitted mesh bags are divided into two types: large net and small net according to the density of warp and weft.
Specifications: The specifications of the mesh bags are expressed by the effective size L*B, and there is no size series.


Tolerance range: length is +2 to _1.5cm, width: +1.5 to -1.5cm.

mesh bag for paotato
mesh bag for potato packaging

The average mass deviation per bag is ±6%.
Appearance Quality


  • Color: There should be no obvious difference between the same batch of products.
  • Stain: No obvious contamination is allowed.
  • Pocket edge: no obvious irregular convex and concave.
  • Serial bag: should be neat, with no obvious dislocation of the interval.
  • Broken weft and warp: Each mesh bag is allowed to have 2 non-adjacent ones, but they need to be firmly connected.
  • Needle removal: Not allowed.


Plain weave mesh bag, the bag edge, and bottom are sewn, generally using the flat stitch method or the chain lock method, the raw edge is folded in 2, and the width of the fold is greater than or equal to 1.3cm. 1/3 of the inner and outer edges of the hem. There are no jumping stitches, floating stitches, and backstitches that are not knocked down. The chain-lock stitching is located in the middle of the hem, and there are no jumping stitches and floating stitches.
The warp-knitted mesh bag edge and bottom are woven at the same time when weaving the bag. The woven edge is cut with a hot melt knife, and there is no loose edge. The bottom of the bag is single-woven or double-woven, and the width of the bag edge is 2.3±1cm.
Detection method: Visual inspection under natural light, and the width of the folded (bag) edge is measured with a steel ruler accurate to 0.1cm.

Breaking force

firewood mesh bag
firewood mesh bag with drawstring

Test conditions: The test machine is in accordance with the provisions of GB/T1040, and is adjusted for more than 4h at 23±2℃.
Test procedure: clamp the sample on the tension machine fixture (the sample of the warp-knitted mesh bag should be folded into a width of 50mm), the clamp spacing is 200mm, and the no-load speed of the testing machine is 200mm/min.
Record the maximum load of the sample during the tensile process, and take the arithmetic mean of 5 samples for the test result.

Testing regulations

Mesh bags require factory inspection and type inspection.

Decision rule

Length and width, appearance, and if any of the listed items are unqualified, the sample will be unqualified.
When the number of unqualified items exceeds 10% of the number of samples, the sample should be doubled to re-check the unqualified items. If it still exceeds 10%, the batch will be unqualified.
When the supply and demand sides have objections to the product quality, they can conduct arbitration inspections according to this standard.


onion packaging bag
onion packaging bag mesh bag with logo

Each package should be accompanied by a product logo, indicating the manufacturer’s name, trademark, product name, variety, specification, quantity, production date, or production batch number.


The packaging of the mesh bag should be firm and suitable for transportation. Products of different varieties and specifications are not allowed in the same package. Generally, each box is 10,000 or 20,000 pieces, and each package can also be divided into several hundred units. There should be a product inspection certificate in each package.


When the mesh bag is transported, it should be protected from pollution, friction, and heat, protected from rain, and not be hooked or scratched with sharp objects.


Mesh bags should be stored in a dry, clean warehouse away from heat sources, and the storage period should not exceed 18 months from the factory. 

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