What is Bulk bag?

  We offer bags for both single-trip ( 5:1) and multi-trip( 6:1 or 8:1) purposes depending on the bag design and size. The safe working cargo( SWL) range of our bags starts from 250 kg to 2000 kg. Its precise design and construction norms suit. Bulk jumbo packaging bags are for a wide range of end products like Soda Ash, colorings, Cement, Chemicals, and others.

jumbo bag for package
Bags for chemical package

Benefits of FIBC Goliath Bags

  • Reduces storehouse and transportation costs
  • Flexible and strong
  • Easy to reclaim
  • Available in different confines and sizes
  • Cost-effective
  • Different easy installations of filling, lifting and discharging
  • Custom nature for material, factory, and distribution system
  • Can be utilized for dangerous chemicals packaging( specified in UN Chapter6.5 Recommendations)

FIBC Customised Options

We manufacture and supply our FIBC both domestically and encyclopedically to meet the requirements of the husbandry, construction, total, toxin, monoculture, pet food products, rubber, chemical, food, and medicinal diligence.

Our Specialized Experts design the bulk bags depending on the operation and specific requirements of the guests.

Check out other customization options below.

  • SWLs between 500 – 6000 pounds
  • Labeling for product shadowing
  • Labeling for product shadowing
  • In-house tested and certified by an external delegation agency

Construction Type

  • U-panel bulk bag
  • indirect bulk bag
  • Four-panel bulk bag
  • thwarted bulk bag
  • Type C conductive
  • Food grade bags
  • UN pukka bulk bags
    ton bag factory production
    jumbo bag production line

Loop Handle Design Options

  • Standard four-corner seams
  • Cross corner circles
  • dockhand swatch
  • Single Loop
  • Two Loop
  • Cargo swatch
  • Sleeve / Tunnel
  • Spread swatch
  • Ground Loops
  • Other than one- Loop and two-circle bags, the swatch/ circles material is made of polypropylene, multifilament, fibrillated, and comes in colorful colors.

Filling Design Options

  • Open Top
  • ending delirium( single or multiple, customized as per conditions)
  • Full open Skirt/ Duffle
  • stuffing spout Inlet spout
  • Inlet Conical spout
  • The above options are including closing strings made of PP netting, PP rope, and Velcro.

Type of Fabric to be used for making bags

  • Made from 100% virgin polypropylene material
  • Type of fabric according to the operation of the bag in Type A, B, and C fabrics
  • Include( UV) resistance
  • Manufactured to meet standard 5:1 a d 6:1 safety norms
  • Meet food-grade conditions( where applicable)
  • GSM of the Fabric Between 100 and 300 GSM
  • Available in colorful colors
  • Fabric can be carpeted/ uncoated according to the operation of the bag.

Discharge/ Unloading Options

  • Flat base
  • Discharge/ Unloading Spout
  • Conical Discharge Spout
  • Full Open Base

FIBC Accessories

  • Document fund
  • Markers
  • Cinches
  • Dust- evidence sift- evidence

Big Bag Inner Liners

  • We design inner liners according to the operation and dimension of the bag.
  • We can give from 35 to 150-micron liners( LDPE Liners)
  • Available type for liner – LDPE, Aluminium, conductive, EVOH
  • Design Options for liner – indirect, shaped, suspended.
  • Fixing options – approximately fitted, fused, marked.
    Makeing jumbo fabric
    PP woven FIBC bulk fabric

The standard bag includes builder bags, air lift bags, corner and cross-corner circle bags with a colorful top and nethermost attachment options. The builder bags are primarily used to store construction accouterments like clay, beach, gravestone, etc., and are of the construction open top and a flat bottom. Lair lift bags are a bettered interpretation of the builder bags which helps reduce force cost and stuffing time of the bags. Other operations of the standard bags include a storehouse of chemicals, food, and medicinals.

One- Loop & Two- Loop FIBC JUMBO BAGS

One- Loop and Two- Loop Bags are extensively accepted as being further cost-effective than the traditional Four- Loop Bags used grounded on a cost-to-weight transported rate. The body- fabric of the bag is extended into a lifting circle which gives the bag an advanced breaking strength and makes the FIBC easier to lift and its circles can be wrapped with colored Sleeves that make truck drivers an easy operation of one- Loop or Two- Loop FIBC bags by either hook or chopstick. An inner liner is generally incorporated to keep the product being carried both clean and dry. These One-Loop & Two-Loop FIBC bags are used for storing, packaging, and transporting toxin goods like maquillages and minerals and are also used in the agrarian sector.

Baffle Bag/Q bag

Our Baffle Bag or quadrangle Bag( Q- Bag) is an innovative product in FIBC Industry. The major benefit of this bag is that it’s functionally as well as aesthetically excellent. It provides the result of comfortable bulk packaging. The cocoon bag also provides convenience during the process of transportation and storehouse of bulk accouterments. In addition, the construction of the bag helps in enhancing the quality of bulk packaging which in turn helps in securing the mounding of the accouterments. Aesthetically, the firm construction of the Baffle Bag helps it in remaining in square shape indeed after packing goods, which adds to the visual appeal of packages.

Types of Internal Baffle in our Baffle Bags

  • Fabric Grounded Baffles
  • Net Grounded Cocoon Bags


To guard the safety of men and accouterments as also terrain protection, concerned authorities from the United Nations( UN) and Department of Transportation have regulated the transport of dangerous goods by formulating directives to cover public health, to help pollution thereby keeping terrain pure and clean.

Also, it must be packed in UN pukka packaging, regardless of the transportation system by land, ocean, or air. If the product to be packed and transported falls into one of the UN’s nine Dangerous Goods classes. Our design, develop and produce similar UN bags to meet the customized shipping requirements of our guests. similar FIBC bags suffer colorful tests to misbehave UN guidelines, similar to the Top lift test, Drop test, Righting test, Tear test, and Stacking test in the in-house as well as external laboratories.

Classes of Dangerous Goods

  • Explosives
  • Feasts
  • Ignitable Liquids
  • Ignitable Solids
  • Oxidizing Substances
  • Poisonous & contagious Substances
  • Radioactive Material
  • Corrosives
  • Eclectic Dangerous Good

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