We are FIBC bag manufacturer

ton bag with inner
FIBC bag with inner

We are FIBC bag manufacturer, FIBC bulk jumbo bag space optimization is one of the most critical storehouses, warehousing, and transportation objects.
Heavy duty FIBC bag is flexible intermediate bulk vessel bags designed to optimize storehouse, warehousing, and transportation space.
These are specially designed bulk bag empty that reduce bulging and maintain cell- suchlike shapes.
They help optimize filling space application and proper inflow of the stuffing material. While other manufacturers offer a single standard jumbo sample bag, Linyi Kaigao is the only company that offers eight distinct types of Baffle Bags. These types are:

1. Standard All Panel Baffle Bag

Standard all-panel cocoon bags have simple boxy construction, furnishing optimum space application and precluding bulges.
The baffles inside the bag connect all four sides of the FIBC and offer the perfect balance and keep the bag bulge-free.

2. Net Baffle Bags

Linyi Kaigao is one of the leading flexible intermediate bulk holder manufacturers, offering Net Baffles bags that are specially designed space confinement bags that enable indeed the most minor flowing products to flow directly to the corners of the formed bag. These bags feature superior construction norms using corner net baffles to successfully maintain their boxy form once these are filled and allow material to inflow easily into all corners, yet precluding bags from expanding in the process. Net cocoon bags are suitable to pack less flowy, lumpy, and sticky products.

3. Tarpular Baffle Bags

circular ton bag
circular ton bag with inner

These bags are cost-effective in storing pulverized material. Linyi Kaigao is Tarpular Baffle Bags are specially designed space optimization bags with smaller seams that enable them to carry fine maquillages. In addition to this, they can also hold accouterments with high bulk viscosity. These bags are bulge-free and maintain a cell- suchlike shape which helps in optimizing filling space application and proper discharge of the accouterments stored outside.

4. Gambo Liner Baffle Bags

Gambo liner cocoon bags are blockish FIBC bags that give the loftiest sift-evidence resistance. The bag structure comprises a low GSM PP liner sutured inside a regular four-circle cocoon bag where the liner acts as a cocoon bag and creates a double-walled design, icing that the bags are fluently stackable.
These are suitable for companies with an increased focus on good printing & ameliorating the vessel cargo-carrying capability.

5. Squircle Baffle Bags

Squircle cocoon bags have a spherical bottom that acts as a cocoon to keep the bag from bulging. These are used for low-viscosity accouterments. They’re a cost-effective option for space optimization and with high sift-evidence resistance.

6. Pinch Edges Baffle Bags

Pinch edges baffle bags are flexible intermediate bulk holders that are largely effective for storing and transporting lumpy and big products other than those in powdered form. They’re long and have a bell- suchlike bottom that provides maximum stability during transport.

7. Belly Band Baffle Bags

white bulk bag
white bulk bag custom design

Belly Band Baffle bag offers Precision bulge control & a cost-effective result for accouterments with veritably high bulk viscosity above1.2. Belly Bands can be placed at the 3/ 4th From the top, Centre, and 1/ 4th from the bottom of the bags.

8. Baffle Liners

Linyi Kaigao is an FIBC bulk bag manufacturer and Baffle liners are specially designed to store and transport hygroscopic material that tends to absorb humidity from the air. They’re manufactured with erected-in baffles in the liner rather than the FIBC. Baffle liners enthrall minimum space during the storehouse of goods by maintaining a square shape, reducing the bulging, and maintaining a cell- suchlike shape.
Baffle Liners give high package performance and can reduce storehouse and shipping costs and, in some cases, reduce the external package’s cost.

The Linyi Kaigao Advantage

jumbo bag package
jumbo bag package
  • Linyi Kaigao’s FIBC Containers offer the below-listed unique features
  • High- Quality Manufacturing norms
  • Variety Of Baffle Bags That Suit colorful operations
  • Global Products That Meet The Highest Safety norms
  • Handling Instructions For Baffle Bags
  • ensure to use all four strips
  • Avoid any jerking stir
  • Avoid contact with forklift body
    noway drag the holders
  • Avoid prolonged contact with temperatures above 60 degrees centigrade
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects

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