What is Types of pp woven bag?

woven fabric production
pp woven fabric production

Woven pp bags are relatively popular products on request with numerous different uses. Depending on the type of product that guests choose for themselves the applicable type of bag. Let us find out latterly!

I. What is woven PP bag?

Woven pp bags are woven bags made of PE plastic. generally, this type of plastic resin is imported from Thailand, Sand Saudi Arabia, or using raw material produced from domestic manufactories. The main color of woven PP bags is milky white and transparent from plastic beads. However, you have to go through the mixing process with Master Batch colored plastic globules, If you want to have a different color.

II. Bracket of woven bags

1. Traditional woven PP bags

Products made of woven uncoated or woven PP clicked, white or multicolored plastic. Products folded nethermost garment, open mouth. On published or non-printed Flexo 2- sided cover, simple images or colors or according to client conditions. The bag withstands a cargo of 5 – 50 kg. Products used to pack beast feed, seafood, agrarian products, diseases, flour, swab, sugar, chemicals, and raw material.

2. PP Woven Bag Laminated Film
woven bag with lamination
PP woven bag with lamination

Products made from woven PP laminated BOPP film, translucent or BOPP gravure seal. How nethermost fold sewing, open mouth. The ends are folded with a flake, darned with cotton thread, or stuck with a PP delirium( bag with a block shape), with a corner-shaped stopcock. 2- sided printing covers, varicolored, beautiful, sharp images, images, and colors according to client conditions. The bag withstands a heftiness of 5- 50 Kg. Products used to pack beast feed, seafood, agrarian products, diseases, flour, swab, sugar, and chemicals.

3. PP Woven Bag and Bottom Splint

The bag has 1 subcaste of PP woven fabric carpeted with PP relating plastic. The ends of the bags are fused or not fused with PP strips, folded with a brace, and darned with cotton thread, shaped at the corner, the stopcock has a 1- way principle, tone-ending. 2- sided Flexo printing covers, images, and colors according to client conditions. The bag withstands loads from 25- 50 Kg. Products used to pack cement, cataplasm walls, tactical, wheat flour, and chemicals.

4. PP Woven Bag with Bottoms
pp woven bag with flat bottom
Flat bottom woven pp bag

The bag has 1 subcaste of PP woven fabric carpeted with PP relating plastic. The two ends of the bag are covered by blockish PP glue, when the material is closed, it’ll be in the form of a block, with a bay stopcock at the corner, the stopcock has a 1- way principle, tone-ending. The cover is published with Flexo 2 sides, images, and colors according to client conditions. The product can repel a heftiness of 25- 50 Kg. Bags are used to pack cement, cataplasm, tactical, flour, and chemicals.

III. product process of the fabric of PP

– The production process of cheap PP woven bags can be reprised in the ensuing stages Plastic globules- vestments- Weaving- PE carpeted( if any)- In Flexo( if any)- Finished products. The main way to create a complete product include
– Making PP yarn Put the PP plastic globules into the hopper of the fiber creator. Thanks to the suction from the suction machine, PP grains are fed into the extruder. Then the melting process takes place and the extrusion screw of liquid plastic into the mouth of the earth has length and range and can be acclimated as needed. The formed plastic film continues to flow through the shaped cooling water tank. The knife shaft splits the plastic film into fibers with a range of 2- 3 mm.

woven fabric production
PP woven production line

After having the yarn of the needed size, the heating element will help stabilize the yarn and also put it into a spinning machine. In the process of creating yarn, waste products are recovered, cut small, and returned to the extruder.

– Weaving PP fabric After having PP yarn according to the available size, the yarn rolls are put into a six shuttle indirect impend. Then, the yarn is woven into a tube and also rolled into PP.
– carpeted with PP film( if any) Forklift transports the PP fabric roll to a film coating machine to fleece with a thick PP subcaste of 30. After the humidity-evidence fabric is carpeted with a film to increase cohesion, the PP fabric rolls to take down publishing.

Printing on woven PP bags

50kg bags
pp woven printing bag

If typically for normal woven PP bags, or PE- carpeted bags, people conduct printing by different printing technologies, in which OPP film is Professional and of utmost beautiful. Particularly for cheap PP woven bags, this stage is minimized to save costs.
– Cutting finished products and packaging PP woven rolls go through the folding system( if any) and also cut the finished products. People can suture first and also publish latterly or publish first and also suture. At the end of this process, the finished product goes through the automatic counting conveyor, and packages

IV. operations of fabric PP- operation of woven pp bags is relatively popular at the request moment.

1. Agrarian product packaging

Woven PP bags are extensively used in storing and transporting agrarian products similar to seafood, food, fruits, vegetables, etc. PP bags used in husbandry generally include PP woven bags, chemical PP bags, PP bags, Vegetable woven bags, and fruit net bags.

2. Food packaging
rice bag
Bopp woven bag for rice

– PP woven bags are being decreasingly used for food packaging. Common types of woven bags include woven PP bags, woven PP bags, sludge woven bags, etc.

3. operation in geotechnical engineering

– PP woven fabric is extensively used in the construction of irrigation workshops, roads, railroads, anchorages, mines, and structures, With the functions of filtering, drainage, insulation, and anti-leakage, PP woven fabric is one of the most common synthetic styles.

4. trip and transportation

– Temporary canopies, shades, and colorful trip bags can be made of PP woven fabric. In addition, plastic woven fabric can also be used as walls and defenses during construction.

5. Daily supplies
– PP woven bags are substantially used by everyone, whether workers, growers or commodity agents, etc. You can find plastic woven products( similar to shopping bags, bags). logistics etc) in stores, storage, and houses, nearly far and wide.

6. Flood control products
– Woven bags play an important part in reducing or precluding the adverse goods of floodwaters. They’re extensively used in levee construction, swash banks, roads, and railroads. Woven polypropylene bags are extensively used all over the world.

sand bag
White Sandbag

7. Specially woven bags
-Specially woven bags are used to serve a number of special purposes. For illustration, UV- evidence woven bags have anti-UV and anti-aging functions, allowing them to have a longer life under the sun. Ultraviolet protection polypropylene tubing can be used for structures of airbags.
Instruction for use of PP/ PP woven packaging
– guests note Must use the right packaging according to the specified cargo, in agreement with the storehouse process( Temperature, out-of-door ), according to the original packaging structure calculated to suit the product. products outside.

– How to store in the storehouse is also veritably important conserving in a dry, cool place, avoiding rain and sun reduces the continuity of packaging.

– How to lay a subcaste when the packaging formerly contains products should be noted, arrange up to 10 layers, the layers are arranged neatly so that the force is unevenly distributed.

– Above are the sharing of PP packaging that we want to shoot to you. Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging specializes in manufacturing all kinds of packaging for quality guests. Need advice, please communicate us incontinently!

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