Do you know what are the uses of woven bags?

A Woven bag is a common packaging tool in our life. It looks like snake scales, so it is also called a snakeskin bag in China, It is usually made of polyethylene, polypropylene, and other plastic materials. Through extrusion, Plastic flat filaments are made by stretching and other methods, and then these flat filaments are used to weave. Plastic woven bags have many excellent properties and are widely used in various industries. Next, let us discuss some of the uses of PP woven bags in detail.

colors pp woven bag
colors pp woven bag

1. In terms of geotechnical engineering, plastic braids have a good application.

Geosynthetic materials can play a role in filtration, anti-seepage, drainage, reinforcement, etc., and play a great role in the construction of railways, highways, electric power, and seaports. effect.

2. The packaging of industrial and agricultural products.

In terms of industrial products, about 85% of cement is packed in pp woven sacks manufacturers. In addition, the packaging of agricultural products is almost always plastic woven bags, such as Feed woven bags, melon and fruit mesh bags, vegetable mesh bags, and so on.

Orange sand bag
Orange sand bag

3. In terms of tourism and transportation, there are many applications of poly woven fabrics, such as tents, sightseeing bags, sunshade mountains, etc.

All use plastic woven fabrics. Woven polypropylene bags are also used in logistics bags, shipping bags, and logistics packaging in the transportation industry.

4. In terms of flood and disaster relief.

Sand bags for flooding can be used to hold sand and soil, and stacked to river embankments and other places to reduce the harm of floods.

The above are some of our views on the usefulness of types of woven bags, thank you.

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