Flood Control Sandbags Function and Necessity

Flood Control Sandbags Function and Necessity


flooding control
Wall of sandbags for flooding

Flood control sandbags are tools for flood control. Most of the coastal areas have a subtropical monsoon climate, and heavy rainfall continues during the rainy season. At this time, it will be found that many low-lying areas are soaked by rainwater, and at such times. If there are flood control sandbags, a lot of losses can be reduced.
We know that when the flood floods, the height of the flood is often close to the height of the dam or even over the flood control dam. This situation is very dangerous because when the waves generated by the flood flow exceed the height of the dam, the soil on both sides of the dam will be loose, which will damage The sturdiness of the soil and even punch out the gap! When the flood control dam bursts, serious consequences can be imagined! At this time, it is necessary to stack sandbags on the dam and throw sandbags on both sides of the dam to relieve the impact of flood waves.

Sand bag for water
Sandbag for water control

Another important function of sandbags is to block the breach when there is a breach in the flood control dam, so as to slow down the impact of the water flow out of the outlet and prevent the breach from expanding. Nowadays, many dams are reinforced by piling, that is, by nailing iron pipes into the ground. Blocking the breach means that there is a breach 5 meters wide and 3 meters deep in one place. If you want to block the breach, earthbags will come in handy.
Of course, there are also iron cages filled with stones, pushed to the crack with a forklift excavator, and PP sandbags. In an emergency, if there is no time to transport stones to make iron cages, (there are no stones in some places), they will even throw a large truck at the crack and block it with sandbags.

Sandbags for Flood Protection

sand bag for farmer
dark green sandbags for farmer

are convenient and practical, and have the following characteristics: lightweight, easy to carry, and can quickly complete waterproof deployment, so that your property can be fully protected. And the flood control sandbag is easy to store, can be placed anywhere in the home, does not take up space, and is light and fast, which can quickly build a waterproof project.

Sandbags for Flood Protection are made of environmentally friendly materials. The fillings do not pollute the environment and can be treated as general waste. Flood control sandbags can often be used repeatedly without causing waste. Money can’t buy safety, but flood sandbags can bring you safety. Whenever a flood occurs, the flood control sandbag often appears for the first time. It can play a variety of roles, build flood control belts, build temporary dams, and give you a safer and more comfortable living environment. Flood control sandbags are cheap and available in the market. Generally, the specifications of flood control sandbags are divided into four types, namely 40*50, 30*80, 25*70, and 40*60. Therefore, it is very necessary to always have flood control sandbags.

Standard size for flooding earthbags

Green color sand bag
Green color sand bag

Bags are made from kinds of materials, but the most common is woven polypropylene. They generally measure about 14 inches wide and 24 to 26 inches long. Other sizes of bags also are available, but bags are easier to handle if their weight with filling in them is limited to 35 to 40 pounds.

Beach is the easiest material for filling and shaping sandbags. Ground and complexion in bags will form a good dike, but working with those accouterments is more delicate. Fill sandbags slightly more than one-half full.
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