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stretch film
stretch film transparent color

Stretch film, also known as winding film, is an industrial packaging product with strong tensile force, strong extensibility, good retractability, good self-adhesiveness, thin texture, softness, and high transparency. It can be used to make a stretch film or machine stretch film and can be widely used in the packaging of various commodities. Stretch film has strong puncture resistance and super stretch performance.
After wrapping the goods, it makes the goods more stable, firm, and clean and has a particularly good waterproof effect. Widely used in various industries. Let’s introduce the powerful functions and advantages of stretch film:
1. The stretched film is in a constant and stable state at room temperature. After heating, it has a heat shrinkage effect.

2. The PET stretch film is polyester, which is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material that is easy to recycle. The new pre-stretching process of the stretch film makes the original film light and thin, and the physical tensile strength and winding force remain basically unchanged. And it can be packed manually without the help of any tools, which saves time, effort, and money, and A choice serves three purposes.

The advantages of protective film are:

Strech film transparent
Strech film transparent

1. The amount of waste disposal is reduced. When packing the same goods, the amount of pre-stretch stretch film is significantly less than that of pre-stretch stretch film, so the amount of processing and recycling of stretch film is correspondingly reduced.

2. It can be recycled and used with green stretch film, which can not only reduce environmental pollution but also save the cost of recycling packaging.

3. Reduce atmospheric environmental pollution, reduce transportation energy consumption and exhaust emissions, and reduce costs.

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