How to solve the common problems of ton bag packaging machine?

cleaning the big bag
cleaning the big bag for the package

Solve the common problems of ton bag

The powder is light in specific gravity. In the air, as long as there is vibration and flow, a large amount of dust will be formed. There is more dust when packing. Inhalation of large amounts of dust can easily cause pneumonia. Dust removal and purification must be considered when packaging the ton bag packaging machine. Linyi Kaigao’s ton bag packaging machine allows the dust generated during the packaging process to be deducted through the dust removal pipeline through a seamless connection. The terminal collects the dust through an automatic dust collection device, which solves the problem of light dust—powder materials.

Why can the ton bag unpacking machine be “dust-free”

The ton bag unpacking machine is a ton bag unloading equipment widely used by material production enterprises. The equipment is characterized by a simple structure, convenient operation, low power consumption, and no material damage or leakage. The chemical powder industry has a wide variety of materials. Due to the relatively large dust in the traditional feeding method of powder, it causes serious environmental pollution and great harm to the human body. Customers usually require our company to be environmentally friendly and dust-free when packing and unloading goods, so as to ensure that the environment is not polluted and reduce the harm of dust to the human body. We generally recommend using a dust-free feeding station.

Let’s talk about how it works: the main body of the bag opener is connected to the electric hoist. The material is lifted to the discharge port through lifting devices such as electric hoists, and the bag is broken by an automatic cutter, or the unloading under the ton bag is manually unpacked.
At the opening of the material, the material in the ton bag falls into the silo by its own gravity, and then the ton bag of material is slapped with a beater to make the residual material fall into the silo, and the dust collection device works at the same time to suck the dust into the dust collection bag. The operation is simple and convenient, energy-saving and power-saving.

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