woven silt fence

Woven Silt Fence

  Silt fence, also known as filter cloth, is a product mainly made of woven cloth or geotextile used for sediment control. The cost of these temporary fences is relatively low, especially when compared to preventable damage. It can prevent loose soil from flowing into local waters, and can also reduce the impact of various projects on surrounding wildlife.


1) High tensile strength
2) Dimensional stability
3) Good surface treatment
4) Anti-UV treatment if needed


· Around the construction site
– Adjacent to streams, lakes and creeks
· Bottom of highly erodible slope
· Surrounding storm drains and culverts

Silt Fence Installation
With silt fence installation accessories, it is faster and easier to install a safer silt fence, meet erosion control regulations and avoid hefty fines. A silt fence installer is the fastest, easiest and most economical way to install a silt fence. Simply load the fabric into the quick fit, roll into the ground and go – the silt fence unfolds. The quick-change caps installed on the ends of the silt fence installers include a spring-loaded plate that ensures proper tension on the fence rollers, preventing accidental loosening of the rollers during operation.

woven silt fence
silt fence for lake
Geotextile Weed Blocker Cover
Green Blue color
woven silt fence
Black Green color
black color for hillside
Black Red color

Marketable grade Silt Fence for construction and general geography use. Our ground walls are most generally used for temporary deposition control on construction spots to cover water quality near aqueducts, gutters, lakes, and swell from loose soil in stormwater runoff. We’ve colorful roll sizes available and also offer DOT-approved performances for use in specific areas.