Kaigao Factory - Leading Chinese Manufacturer of Knitwear with Extensive Production and Export Experience

mesh bag raschel package
mesh bag raschel package

Kaigao Factory, a prominent and highly specialized manufacturer of knitwear for raschel mesh bags in China, is making waves in the global market with its rich production capabilities and vast export experience. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Kaigao has firmly established itself as a leading player in the industry, showcasing the prowess of Chinese manufacturing.

pe raschel mesh bag
PE raschel mesh bag for packing seafood

Expansion of Operations:
Renowned for its expertise in knitting technology and high-quality products, the seafood raschel mesh bag is very high quality and customized for clients, Kaigao Factory has witnessed remarkable growth over the years. The factory boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled workforce, enabling it to cater to both domestic and international markets efficiently. Its production capacity has significantly expanded to meet the increasing demand for knitwear across the globe.

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