What is the regular size of the big bag?

What is the regular size of the big bag?

big bag for packaging
big bag for packaging

There is no regular size for big bags, but there are regulations on the safety factor.

The size of the big bag is designed according to the needs of the actual work. The packaging volume, the weight of the contents, and the number of packaging units should be considered in the design. Therefore, there is no conventionally used size for the big bag.

However, in GB/T10454-2000 National Standard for Container Bags, the technical index requirements for the base fabric and straps of container bags are strictly stipulated, and from the perspective of safety, it is clarified that all container bags are bottom hanging structures. The safety factor must reach 1.8.

pay attention to the situation

1. Do not stand under the container bag during the hoisting operation.

2. Please hang the hook on the central part of the sling or rope, do not hang it obliquely, single-sided, or cable-stayed to hang the container bag.

3. Do not rub, hook, or collide with other items during the operation.

4. Do not pull the sling to the outside in reverse.

5. When using a forklift to operate the container bag, please do not let the fork touch or pierce the bag body to prevent the container bag from being punctured.

big mesh bag for firewood
big mesh bag for firewood

6. When transporting in the workshop, use pallets as much as possible, avoid hooking the container bag with a hook, and carry it while shaking.

7. Keep the container bags upright during loading, unloading, and stacking.

8. Do not stand the container bag upright.

9. Do not drag the container bag on the ground or concrete.

10. When it is necessary to store it outdoors, the container bag should be placed on the shelf, and the container bag must be tightly covered with opaque shed cloth.

11. After use, wrap the container bag with paper or opaque shed cloth and store it in a ventilated place.

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