Wholesale plastic PE mesh net bag for nuts date palm mesh bag

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Date mesh bag package
Use: Fruit and Vegetable
Sealing & Handle: Drawstring
Custom Order: Accept
Product Name: Plam Bag, Date Bag, Date Palm Tree Bag
Material: 100% virgin PE
Length: 50-110cm
Width: 20-90cm
Weight: 40-80gsm
  • Date mesh bag package: Each bag size is 18 x 26 inches and can hold up to 30 lbs or as your request. Designed with very small holes, and a built-in drawstring that closes the bag quickly, so you could use Bags for Vegetables, as a keeping sack for carrots, garlic, corns, potatoes, or even as a tulip bulb or hickory chips storage bag.
  • These vegetable date palm Fruit mesh Bags are made from strong. also durable high-quality polypropylene material, that can hold tons of stuff at the same time with durability. which prevents them from ripping or tearing.
  • Now your fruit, root vegetables, and all kind of groceries could stay fresher for much longer. 
  • Date mesh bag packages are easy to see what’s inside without having to open them. Great for carrying toys to the beach, putting your laundry, and storing things like toys, books, shoes, or other accessories. Can also be used as winter storage bags, trash bags for river trips, or firewood bags.
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