Weed Control Mat Ground Cover Landscape Fabric

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Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Plastic Modling Type: Extruding
Name: Plastic landscape mat
Material: 100% PP
Color: black, white, green, orange or your requirement
Width: 0.4-6m
Weight: 70gsm–200gsm
Length: 50m, 100m, 200m or your requirement


 Name: weed control mat

  • Chemical-free weed control mat: Why spray harmful chemicals when you can just use the plastic weed mat barrier fabric? Made of 100% polypropylene, it’s the safest, most effective non-chemical weed-prevention measure—bye weeds!
  • Built to Last: If it’s outside, it’s gotta be tough. Plastic Weed Barrier Mat combining a woven fabric layer with a plush textured layer, this tough, 5oz needle punch fabric is the ultimate in durability. It lets water and air in but blocks sunlight. Note: when using the weed control mat, make sure to face the plush surface down
  • Easy Garden Protection: What’s better than conserving the soil’s moisture and conserving the environment at the same time? By using the weed block gardening mat, you’re getting the best of both worlds thanks to the shading ability which reduces the need for constant watering. Less weeding, more enjoying your garden
  • Beneficial for Thriving Plants: Once your plants are really growing, the landscape Plastic landscape mat helps your plants grow even faster. Less competition from weeds while still letting in air, water, and nutrients. No sunlight, no weeds
  • Usable for All Seasons: Able to be used for all seasons, the weed control mat fabric is tough enough for all weather, and can be easily cut into whatever shape you need. You’re not only reducing the harmful effects of chemical use. you’re also helping save the environment.
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