Wholesale Custom Plastic PE Box Liner Bag For Food Packaging Carton Liner

Food Packaging Carton Liner

Brand Linyi Kaigao
Material Polyethylene, Plastic
Closure Type PE plastic
Special Feature Lightweight
Product Dimensions 24″W x 18″H or as you need
Color Clear, transparent
Number of Pieces Package 100pcs/bag or as you want

Plastic PE Box Liner Bag

  • Plastic PE Box Liner Bag for home or business use where a light, refrigeration storehouse is necessary, these flat redundant strength clear poly bags exceed anticipation.
  • Noway is without just the right bag for Christmas baking, classroom treats, or delicacy favors. Applicable for food but can be used for small craft particulars, etc too.
  • These bags measure 18 x 24 inches ( opening 18 inches) with a durable 1-shop consistency. Or as your requested.
    FOOD- GRADE vessel — bags meet all conditions for safely storing food and can be heat-sealed or closed with twist ties( NOT included).
  • Clear Plastic Flat Open Food Packaging Carton Liner food particulars or use these to cover contain pots, kissers
    , cooking inventories, collectibles, or other particulars that you want to store and keep clean.