Greenhouse Plastic Film Sheeting Cover With UV Resistant Polyethylene Film


UV Resistant Polyethylene Film

Brand You custom
Color Silver, Clear, Bule
Material Polyethylene, Plastic, PO
Item Dimensions LxWxH As your request
Item Weight as you need

Greenhouse Plastic Film Sheeting

  • Greenhouse Plastic Film Sheeting is made of decorative flexible polyethylene that produces optimal greenhouse topography, tear resistance, superior strength, and durability for long-lasting.
  • Greenhouse Plastic Film Sheeting allows light to pass through, helps it dissipate, and creates a more harmonious temperature, allowing your store to be truly illuminated in all areas, within the structure for optimal crop growth
    Anti-aging & anti-drip greenhouse film contains an anti-aging agent for long-term use; the plastic film is also designed with anti-drip treatment, which can avoid the formation of dangerous dripping water in the greenhouse; these greenhouse covers also reduce the intrusion of dust for the optimal plant to grow.
  • Farm Plastic Greenhouse Plastic 6 Stores has a reach of 10 feet and a length of 26 feet, it unfolds smoothly and installs as a wide flexible cover, it can be used to cover planting shelters, mini-greenhouses, and vegetable and flower patches; you can also cut the roundhouse plastic into different sizes according to different purposes.
  • UV Resistant Polyethylene Film is specially designed for UV radiation in high temperatures, it can keep warm in cold temperatures, and it can cover your plant for a long time from colorful rain, similar to extreme heat, heavy rain, frost, cold downtime, strong wind; Also useful for tidying up laundry, covering joinery and appliances to help with dust removal.