PE Stretch foil stretch film wrapping film Wrap Shipping Clear Plastic Pe Wrap Film


Wrapping film Wrap Shipping

Brand Linyi Kaigao or as your Logo
Material Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 19.21 x 10.04 x 10.04 inches or as your request
Color Transparent or other custom color

Clear Plastic Pe Wrap Film

🌺 Clear Plastic Pe Wrap Film Each order contains 4 rolls of stretch serape with 2 applicable plastic handles. Each roll is 18 elevations wide x 1000 bases long and the 80-hand consistency film is extremely strong.
🌺 Whether you’re belting pallets for weight or moving cabinetwork, this stretch serape film is ideal for particulars to cover while moving. You can use our stretch film for quilting colorful effects, like boxes and logistical requirements.
🌺Clear Plastic Pe Wrap Film makes sure your valuables stay safe while in a storehouse, on your coming move, or during payload. It gives protection from rudiments, humidity, and rough running and can help scrapes, dings, and dents to your valuables. Just stretch, serape, and relax- your things are sure to arrive right where you left them, No stress.
🌺 Clearnon-adhesive pallet wraps agriculture lldpe stretch film You can use this for the garage and some storage. Brings effects together for storehouse/handling.things like poles and corridors that you do not want to wrap with tape recording.
🌺 This stretch film comes with 2 rotatable plastic shafts, which saves time and trouble and reduces the damage to your hands during the packaging. It helps protects effects, keep them together, keep them sealed, and generally acts as an easier-to-use/ not- as-destructive stage- heft for tape recording in numerous cases. The plastic comber makes it so easy to use. And one roll seems to last ever.