woven Bag Recycling
The fertilizer poly woven bag with liner

How the great charge of PP woven bags!


The beautiful decor that can be seen far and wide on the road, that’s the PP woven bag under the tree. And you can see the full water in woven polypropylene bagsalso one small hole under the plastic pp bagamazing idea. This bold approach embodies the most amazing uses of woven bags, while also saving gardeners a lot of collaborative watering time. It’s perfect.

How do you know the pp woven bags are made?

1. Plastic woven bag(non-laminated woven bag)

Its production process is PP woven fabrics( pp woven roll) come from plastic woven bags through printing, slice, and sewing. Depending on the outfit used. It can be cut first and also published, or published first and also cutAutomatic slice and sewing can continuously complete printing, slice, sewing, and other processes. It can also be made into stopcock pockets, nethermost pockets, etc. For plain-woven fabrics, the middle confluence can be clicked and also made into bags.
The process pointers of plastic woven bags are substantially the external forbearance size, the retarding force of the confluence nethermost direction, and the confluence edge direction, and the clarity of the printing essay.

2. Lamination pp woven sacks

The production process of two-in-one, three-in-one, and other compound plastic woven polypropylene bags is to compound woven cloth( pp woven distance). The coating material, paper or film, or carpet. The attained tube cloth or distance cloth, the tube cloth can be cutpublisheddarnedmade into ordinary scribed bottom bags, or can be Punching, hemming, cutpublishing, sewed, and made into cement bags. The attained piece of cloth can be fusedpublishedcut, and bury the bottom to make a paste bottom bag. It can also be welded, rolled, and made into a tarpaulin, or geotextile. The key to the emulsion bag-making process is compounding.
The principle of coating is to cover the resin on the woven fabric of the base material in a molten stateApply molten resin only to the woven cloth and incontinently Cool to get a 2- in- 1 woven cloth( pp woven distance). If the molten resin film is squeezed between woven cloth and paper or plastic film during compounding. also after cooling, the three-in-one woven cloth can be carpeted. The flat fabric can be carpeted on one side to gain a distance cloth, and the tubular clothdistance) can also be carpeted on both sides. It to the coating barrel cloth. The carpeted woven fabric can be publishedcut, and darned into colorful bag types, and the wide-range carpeted fabric can also be rolled for plant for tarpaulin.

What are the conditions for soddening trees?

bag for irrigate tree
Recycled fertilizer woven bag

t’s must be leakproof, and pp woven bag with lamination or with pp woven bag with a liner ( PE inner bag). It’s not a new bagjust only reclaimedAlso, don’t forget to make a hole under the bottom.

It isn’t delicate to imagine that the polypropylene bags replaces the water tanker. And at the same time saves a lot of time for the gardeners. What a perfect and magical work and fidelity! It’s also veritably great for the life of the pp bags, and we’re proud as the patron of the PP woven bag.

Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging Insist on doing public welfare undertakings.

Every time, 5 million sandbags are bestowed to fight cataracts and give employment openings for the impaired. We Hope for World Peace!

Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging based in Shandong, China. Since 2003, for manufacture plastic package supplier, that is an enterprise engaged in the production of plastic woven bags, food packaging and agricultural products. Also have passed SGS, CE and other certifications. At present, the export ratio of the company’s products is Africa (20.00%), Middle East (20.00%), South America (15.00%), North America (10.00%), Northern Europe (10.00%), Eastern Europe (5.00%), Southeast Asia (5.00%), East Asia (5.00%), Western Europe (5.00%), domestic market (5.00%). There are about 11-50 people in our office in total.

We regard our employees as our best assets. For plastic package factory convinced that leads to more creativity and productivity, and that is of the utmost importance for our customers and other stakeholders. We aim to work on a highly personal basis, passionately and enjoyable according to the plan,  we have made together. Our motto is: ‘Together is better’. Together we deliver our customers sustainable customization, logistics solutions and innovation through co-creation. 

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