Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse film is a film constructed in agricultural production. It has the characteristics of light transmittance, heat preservation, tensile strength, and aging resistance. It is often used in farming, so it is in great demand.

1. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) shed film
2. PE shed film
3. Grouting film
4. EVA film
5. PO film
6. Dimming film (functional film)

PE Bag

PE bags have the advantages of being lightweight, antistatic, moisture-proof, oil-proof, soft, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistance, and temperature change resistance. They can be used in the packaging of various products such as food, vegetables, fruits, grains, cosmetics, medicines, home appliances, and clothing. In addition, PE bags can also be used for various purposes such as clothing, adhesive tape, film, antistatic, antioxidation, etc., which provides convenience for life.

PE bags are widely used in factories and are the most commonly used packaging bags. They can effectively pack the items safely, not only can effectively protect the items, but also can prevent the items from wind, sand, and moisture, and protect the integrity of the items. In addition, the advantage of PE bags is that they are small in size and light in weight, which can save transportation costs and make the operation of enterprises more efficient.

Stretch Film

1. Good protection. Using its strong stretchability, the product can be packaged with high shrinkage, and if it is combined with the transportation package, it will get a better packaging effect.
2. The exterior design is aesthetically pleasing. After reasonable packaging, the goods can be tightly wrapped together, which is suitable for the packaging of various goods. From the appearance, the appearance of the goods after packaging is silkier and aesthetically pleasing.
3. It has a good anti-theft function because the stretch film can gather a lot of scattered goods together, so it can effectively reduce the probability of theft and prevent the occurrence of loss.
4. The cost performance is good. The price of stretch film nowadays is very popular, and the effect of use is very ideal, so the economy is relatively good. This is because the process technology of its product manufacturing has been greatly improved, so the cost is also low.
5. The stability is good. Once the goods are packaged well, there will be no gaps between the goods, so there will be no misplacement, which is convenient for transportation.
6. The ideal cleaning performance is an advantage that cannot be ignored. This feature allows the stretch film to be used in some high-precision instrument packaging, especially for the packaging of some electronic components.

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