pe raschel mesh bag
pe mesh fabric

The product process of PE Raschel bags involves several ways.

Raw Material Preparation The first step is to gather the needed raw accouterments, which primarily include polyethylene( PE) resin grains. These grains are generally attained from petrochemical shops and are essential for creating the final product.

Extrusion In this step, the collected PE resin grains are loaded into an extruder machine. The machine heats and melts the grains, allowing them to be formed into a molten PE mass. This molten material is also forced through bones, which gives it its asked shape and size.

Stretching and Stitching After extrusion, the molten PE mass is stretched and knitted using a Raschel knitting machine. This machine uses a series of needles to interlock and form a mesh- suchlike pattern with the PE material. This process results in the creation of a net- suchlike structure, which will ultimately become the base for the Raschel bag.

Cutting and suturing Once the Raschel knitting process is complete, the net- suchlike structure is cut into individual bag pieces grounded on the asked confines. These pieces are also sutured together using artificial sewing machines. Handles or drawstrings can also be added at this stage, depending on the bag’s design.

Printing and Labeling If necessary, the finished bags can be published with markers or customized designs using screen printing or heat transfer styles. This step helps to enhance the bags’ visual appeal and brand recognition.

Quality Control and Inspection Before packaging, the PE Raschel bags suffer a rigorous quality control process. professed inspectors examine each bag for blights, ensuring that they meet the needed norms in terms of size, stitching, printing, and overall quality.

Packaging and Distribution Once the bags pass the quality control tests, they’re precisely packed and prepared for distribution. They may be packed in packets or boxes, depending on the customer’s conditions.

Final Product The PE Raschel bags are now ready to be packed for guests or retail outlets. These bags are extensively used for colorful purposes, similar to packaging agrarian yield, artificial goods, and consumer products.

That is a general overview of the product process of PE Raschel bags.

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