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pe raschel mesh bag

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Onion mesh bag

PE raschel mesh bag for packing fruit, vegetable, firewood, sea food, etc. The high quality advantage price from Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging manufacture factory. We produce the bags as customer details requirements, and export many countries.

PE raschel mesh bags are as specialty particulars in making colorful types of artworks, relative as covers. They’re applicable, yet not for quite a while, as the mesh will frequently get grated and free its solidarity after some time. Make this plastic mesh that’s further solid, stronger, and applicable to hold heavier particulars than the slim plastic mesh. The cost of plastic mesh bags changes contingent upon colorful variables. As the nature of the mesh supplements, so does the cost. Thick plastic mesh bags are more precious than flimsy plastic mesh packs because of their further predicated quality.

fruit and vegetable packing bag

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