What is Mesh bag?

mesh bag for package
Fresh organic vegetables in mesh bags

Why do we choose mesh bags for packing fruits and vegetables?

Packaging fresh fruits and vegetables are one of the more important ways, in the long and complicated trip from farmer to consumer. Bags, beaters, hampers, baskets, cartons, bulk lockers, and palletized holders are accessible holders for handling, transporting, and marking fresh yield. Although the assiduity generally agrees that vessel standardization is one way to reduce cost, the trend in recent times has moved toward a wider range of package sizes to accommodate, the different requirements of wholesalers, consumers, food service buyers, and processing operations.
This fact distance describes different types of packaging, including their functions, uses, and limitations. Also included is a table, by commodity, of the common yield holders’ standard to the assiduity.

The Function of Packaging or Why package Produce?

Onion mesh bag
Mesh bag for packing vegetable

A significant chance of yielding buyer and consumer, complaints may be traced to vessel failure because of poor design or unhappy selection and use. A duly designed yield vessel should contain, cover, and identify the yield, satisfying everyone from the farmer to the consumer.

The primary material of plastic mesh bags is plastic, so the quality of plastic directly affect, the quality of mesh bags for vegetables. The following will inform you of some common knowledge about plastics, and the following is common knowledge of plastics.
Plastics have plastic parcels. The so-called malleability refers to the state of being misshaped, when subordinated to external force, and is still suitable to maintain the state of force after the external force is removed. The elastic modulus of plastic is between rubber and fiber, and it can distort to a certain extent under force. Soft plastics are close to rubber and hard plastics are close to filaments. This is the information on plastic mesh bags.

The mesh bags for vegetables can freely change their shape and style.

The primary element conforming to constituent resin and complements similar to paddings, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, and colors are constituent resins.
Mesh bags’ direct structure The polymer emulsion with this structure is called a direct polymer emulsion.
The polymers with this structure are inclusive that called body-type polymer composites. Since there’s no independent macromolecule, the body-shaped polymer has no pliantness and malleability, that can not dissolve and melt, can only swell, and has high hardness and fineness.

The mesh bag can have the PE raschel mesh bag, Leno mesh bag, Circular mesh bag, and Date mesh bag, all different types of mesh packaging, but they are strong made from our factory-Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging.

Reasons affecting the tensile cargo of mesh bags

Onion mesh bag
mesh bag for onions

The mesh bags for vegetables is a mesh bag manufacturer, that uses polypropylene and polyethylene resin as the main raw accouterments and adds a small number of supplementary accouterments. After mixing, it’s melted by an extruder, and the extruded plastic film is cut into fibers and stretched, at a temperature lower than the melting temperature of the resin. Molecular exposure and heat-setting are made into high-strength, low-extension flat fibers, which are also wound, woven, cut, and darned.

Through the nonstop slice examination results of mesh bag products in recent times, it’s set up that the unqualified particulars of mesh bag products are substantially concentrated, in the tensile cargo item, and the tensile cargo item of the mesh bag is an important index. It directly affects the overall quality of the mesh bag. The appearance of the mesh bag should meet the ensuing conditions. The cloth face isn’t allowed to have three broken cables in the same place. The sewing conditions don’t allow the thread to fall off the needle, break the line, or not suture the pack. The appearance of these problems also directly affects the tensile cargo indicator.

What is the mesh bag’s quality?

mesh bag
mesh bag with drawstring

Mesh bags for vegetables is a veritably common packaging material. It’s extensively used in the packaging and transportation of vegetables and fruits. The product and deals volume is veritably large. The appearance quality conditions of net bags for vegetables are the criteria for judging the appearance of mesh bags. These norms are as follows: 
1. Color There should be no egregious difference.

2. between the same batch of products.
3. Stain No egregious impurity is allowed.
Bag edge no egregious irregular convex and concave.
4. the periodical bag should be neat, with no egregious disturbance of the interval.
5. Broken weft and broken underpinning Each net bag are allowed to have non-adjacent bones, but they need to be forcefully connected.
6. Needle Junking is Not allowed.

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