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Common Questions About Factory Production

Packaging is an important link between producers and end-users. We are happy to advise customers on efficient purchasing, storage, and logistics. In our industrial department, Linyi Kaigao develops and markets packaging for the food and animal feed industry, and sectors such as chemicals, pharmacy, and construction.
We are glad to help develop packaging concepts, that add value to every link in the chain. From efficient processing and maximum protection, and during transport to an eye-catching presentation for the consumer.

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Are PP woven bags eco-friendly?

Are PP woven bags eco-friendly? With increasing concerns about environmental sustainability, the search for eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics has intensified. One such consideration is whether polypropylene (PP) woven bags,

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PP woven bag supplier

PP Woven Bag Supplier Are you in need of high-quality custom-woven bags? Look no further! With years of experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence, our factory is your go-to

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Seafood raschel mesh bag

Kaigao Factory – Leading Chinese Manufacturer of Knitwear with Extensive Production and Export Experience Kaigao Factory, a prominent and highly specialized manufacturer of knitwear for raschel mesh bags in China,

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PE raschel mesh bag factory

PE Raschel mesh bag factory Introducing Our High- Quality Mesh Bags The Perfect Choice for All Your requirements! Are you searching for a dependable and professional supplier for knitted mesh bags? Look no farther! We’re a leading plant specializing in the customization and import of top- notch mesh bags worldwide. With our competitive prices and unequaled quality, we guarantee to exceed your prospects! Advantages of Our Mesh Bags1. Superior Quality Our mesh bags are drafted using decoration accoutrements and state-

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Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse Film Greenhouse Film: Varied Quality and Resistance to Pesticides and Acidity for Different Vegetable Cultivation. Introduction: Greenhouse farming has become an essential practice in modern agriculture, allowing farmers to

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Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging

Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging Linyi Kaigao is a leading factory specializing in manufacturing woven bags and ton bags. With 22 years of experience and dedication, we have established ourselves as

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A letter to the client

A letter to the client Dear valued customers, We are excited to introduce our high-quality plastic products – woven bags and bulk bags, manufactured by Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging. As

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Introducing PP Woven Bags

Introducing PP Woven Bags The Ultimate Guide to Polywoven Bags:  Everything You Need to Know about PP Woven and Woven Polypropylene Sacks As a packaging solution, poly woven bags have

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