Leno mesh bag

     mesh storage package

With 19 Years of Produce Experience, We Are Producing High Quality That You Can Safely Supply to Package as You Want.

We focus on good quality and competitive price, every order is perfect. Leno mesh bag mesh storage package for firewood, onion, orange, vegetable, fruit, etc.

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We offer a wide range of Leno/ Mesh Bags that serve the purpose of packaging Fruits & Vegetables. They’re available in seductive colors to meet the exact conditions of our coveted guests.

We specialize in manufacturing a large variety of Poly Propylene Leno Bags Mesh Bags in colorful colors. We produce Leno bags with open-weaved polypropylene fabric finish especially to get better air rotation for the products packed in the bag. These bags are strong and can carry fruits and vegetables in bulk volume. We ensure the quality of our Leno/ Mesh bags has proper ventilation to remain the newness of vegetables and fruits placed inside for a long period. We also offer customization on our wide range of Leno Bags as per the specifications of our customer.
Leno Bags, also called Leno Mesh Bags, can be extensively used for quilting colorful Agrarian products similar to an onion, garlic, potato, carrot, gusto, orange, pineapple, sludge, cabbage, peanuts, pecans, wood, etc. The quality of our Mesh Bags is over to the mark, and the holes of the bag allow the product to breathe and get sufficient sun. You can see the products stored outside without opening the bag. Due to the low weights and cost-effective nature, our Mesh bags prove to be the superior packaging volition to other accouterments. These leno mesh bags or snare leno bags can be made with or without a drawstring. The drawstring is made of braided flat tape recording.

We concentrate on specific conditions of guests and offer quality products. Piecemeal from this, we offer timely delivery of these leno mesh bags with numerous different sizes & colors of fabric as per client demand.