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Jumbo bulk bags

food packaging bag
jumbo bulk bag

Features & Benefits

protean & practical way of moving volume goods.
Makes use of a lower forklift outfit to load and discharge products packed in Jumbo bulk bags.
Generally uses road transport and shipping vessel freight handling systems.

Bulk bags come in numerous sizes but generally in a U Shape or indirect Shape.

Consult us for the conditions or prospects of your Big Bulk Bag. With times of practical experience, we will confidently advise you on the Bulk Bag’s parcels and specifications that you need to get your product securely packaged and packed.

Available Bulk Bag Features

1000 lb, 1500 lb 2250 lb, 3000 lb, 4000 lb SWL( SAFE WORKING cargo)

Baffle Style

1. Food Grade Production and Certification
2. ISO Standard safety Standard Certification
3. Coated or uncoated
4. UV defensive coating

open top bulk bag
jumbo bulk bag for sand

What is FIBC Bulk Bags?

FIBC Bulk Bags are a packaging result made of flexible film. The bags are featherlight and can be fluently transported. They come in colorful sizes and shapes, allowing for customization of the packaging. Ton Bulk Bags are perfect for dispatching bulk particulars similar to nuts, bolts, screws, and other small corridors. What are the benefits of FIBC Bulk Bag? The bag’s inflexibility makes it easy for the product to move, indeed with the use of custom tools. The bags have a smooth, high-quality finish and a tight seal to help leaks or tumbles. The bags can be filled with over 1400 pounds and offer good protection against exposure to humidity and temperature axes. The bags are generally used as shipping packaging and can be used for medicinal, food, and libation operations.

Why choose FIBC Bulk Bags?

FIBC Bags features a high-viscosity position, barring the need for heavy boxes. Indeed in largely sharp surroundings, the bags offer excellent protection for sensitive products. FIBC Big Bags use strong accouterments that repel gashes and perforations from impacts or scrapes from handling outfits. They can be fluently machine-darned using hot air outfits to form sealable seams around the top opening and bottom drain articulation holes.

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