How to install weed matting?

weed mat
pp woven weed mat

When weeds have overran the geography, adding weed matting is asemi-permanent system of weed forestallment. While the installation takes a bit of planning and fix work, a woven polypropylene weed hedge fabric, generally known as geography fabric or weed matting, is anon-chemical system of drawing up the weed problem for at least a couple of times. A thick subcaste of chunky dinghy mulch adds visual interest while hiding the black fabric and shielding it from the sun.

make the hole for weed mat
Weed mat

Learn how easy it’s to put down weed matting to control weeds in your theater. We will show you how to peg down the matting and add a subcaste of mulch to hold everything in place. Plus, a simple way to make holes for your shops to grow through.

Install weed matting on the theater

First, remove all the weeds from the area you want to cover. also, roll out the weed mat onto your theater bed and cut it to size with scissors. Now peg it in place using either essence or plastic pegs. However, you might need to use a hammer, If your ground is a bit hard.

Put shops in through the weed matting

weed mat package
weed mat package

Now place each factory pot on top of the weed mat and trace a circle around it with your marker. Draw an “ X ” inside the circle and cut along those lines. Now fold back the four corners to make the hole for your factory. Once you have done all your planting, finish by covering the matting with 5- 10 cm of mulch.
Before you install weed matting, measure the problem area and purchase enough material to cover the space, adding redundant fabric to lap the edges by 6 elevation. You will also need heavy- duty scissors to cut the fabric, as well as weed hedge stakes or geography masses and a hammer. Put on defensive gear, including safety goggles and gloves.

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