How to maximize the usefulness of fertilizer packaging bags?

red color printing bag
red color printing bag for packing fertilizer

In rural areas, fertilizer bags have many uses, even to the point of being indispensable.

When sowing in spring, use it to hold chemical fertilizers, chicken manure, and seeds with pesticides. Because they are afraid that ground mice will eat them and they will attract insects when they grow up, so the seeds are accompanied by pesticides. Such seeds are poisonous. People generally don’t grab them with their hands. Instead, they stir them with sticks and pour them into fertilizer bags for sowing Pour them into the seeder.
In summer, I went to the fields to spray pesticides, carried the pesticides in the bags of the chemical fertilizer factory, and went to the fields with buckets. When I got to the field and put the bag on the ground, I felt very relieved that I would not lose anything. Even when it was dark, I just picked up the bag and left without grabbing things one by one. In addition to carrying pesticides, I also occasionally bring a good bag. Some melons grown in cotton fields are picked when they are ripe, crispy melons are picked when they grow up, and they are brought home at night for children to eat. When I was resting, I would take a shower and squat on the ground to eat. At that time, the time was very leisurely.

Fertilizer bags Advantage

When picking cotton in autumn, the fertilizer bags are even more useful. Sew the opening of the chemical fertilizer packaging bag, cut the opening on the horizontal side, sew the side, and then sew strong cloth straps on the two corners, it is a cotton bag, tied around the waist, and it can hold a lot of cotton, etc. When it was full, it was dumped into a bed sheet sewn from fertilizer bags. Because the bag and bed sheet are made of chemical fertilizer bags, and the cotton is light and non-sticky, it is easy to pour it on the cotton stack when you get home.

When pulling out cotton firewood, I also wear this bag around my waist. When I see cotton peaches, I pick them off and put them in the bag. Drilling around in the dry, prickly cottonwood, human hands are easy to scratch, but this kind of bag is not afraid of scratching or pricking, and is very strong.

In winter, I use fertilizer bags to hold firewood, cotton peach shells, broken briquettes rolled down from the pile of briquettes, and a pile of soil under the broken briquettes for the next time the briquettes are removed. Nor will it go to waste. The tree behind the house is already bare. There are many dry leaves under the tree. When the wind blows, they will be piled up in the corner and under the wall. Take a fertilizer bag, and you can collect a bag in a short time without a broom, and use it to burn the kang Very good, the kang is still hot from night to morning.

Fertilizer packaging bags can hold garbage, waste products, and useful and unnecessary things, and it has become an indispensable packaging tool for modern rural families.

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