How to made mesh bag?

onion mesh bag
onion mesh bag

Thanks for your reading and how to made mesh bag. Let me introduce and you will know more about the details of the mesh bags.

The process of producing woven cloth from flat wire, for mesh bags is to interweave the warp and weft of the flat wire into cloth. The mesh bag in the fabric is woven with a circular loom. There are many spindles on the warp frame of the circular loom. According to the width of the woven cloth and the width of the flat yarn, the warp yarns in the specified range are used. Before the warp yarn enters the circular loom, the warp yarn is intersected by the warp yarn frame, and the weft yarn shuttle moves circularly through the warp yarn in the intersecting opening and is woven into a tube.

The production process of the mesh bag:

First of all, the production process of the plastic flat wire of the mesh bag is mixed with raw materials and auxiliary materials. Then it is melted and extruded into a film by an extruder. Secondly, the film is cooled, divided into strips (filaments), and then stretched and oriented to produce flat filaments, and finally, these flat filaments are wound on the bobbin, make the spindle, and send to the weaving process to produce the process engineering of weaving cloth. Only after being divided into strips (filaments), the technological process of producing split filaments is basically the same as that of flat filaments.
The shape and style of the plastic net bag can be changed freely. Plastic is a material that is polymerized by synthesis, or condensation reaction using monomer raw materials, and plastic is a polymer compound formed by synthesis. The main component composed of synthetic resin and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, colorants, and other additives is a synthetic resin.

leno mesh bag with logo
leno mesh bag with logo

Net bag linear structure:

The polymer compound with this structure is called a linear polymer compound. Due to the existence of independent molecules, linear structure polymers are elastic, plastic, soluble in solvents, meltable by heating, and have low hardness and brittleness.

Body structure: The polymers with this structure are collectively called body polymers. Because there are no independent macromolecules, polymers with body structure have no elasticity and plasticity, cannot be dissolved and melted, but can only swell, and have high hardness and brittleness. Compared with other materials, plastics have the following characteristics: chemical corrosion resistance, luster, partly transparent or translucent, most of them are good insulators, light in weight and strong, easy to process and mass-produced, cheap in price, wide in use and multi-functional, Easy to color, partly resistant to high temperature.

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