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Flexible packaging

Food plastic packaging bags are generally Flexible packaging, frequently used materials include: PET film, PE film, PE film (nylon), OPP film, CPP film, etc. Manufacturers choose which material to compound according to customer requirements.

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Flexible bags machine

1. PET/PE film in clear plastic bags:

The material of the OPET/LDPE compound bag is polyethylene terephthalate and high-pressure polyethylene, which is abbreviated as PET/PE composite bag. It has the characteristics of high transparency and a better oxygen barrier, so it is especially suitable for bread and cake. And because the composite film has good heat and cold resistance, so it can also be used as a packaging bag for quick-frozen food and retort food.

2. BOPP/CPP film carrier bags in packaging roll :

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Flexible packaging bag used in many ways

The BOPP/CPP compound film is biaxially oriented polypropylene and unstretched polypropylene, which is habitually called OPP/CPP composite film bag. Among all composite films, this composite film has the highest transparency (plastic packaging bags). Compared with single-film plastic bags, under the same thickness, the cost is higher than that of single-film plastic bags, but the hand feel is better than single-film plastic bags; The good moisture resistance of this film used in food, also mainly for packaging some dry food and fast food such as biscuits, instant noodles, etc. The disadvantage is that the high-temperature resistance and cold resistance are poor, and it is not suitable for packaging refrigerated and high-temperature sterilized food.

3. OPP/PE film plastic bags in compound fabric:

BOPP/LDPE flexible packaging is composed of biaxially oriented polypropylene and high-pressure polyethylene composite film bag, generally abbreviated as OPP/PE composite bag. Its oil resistance effect is also good, so cooked food and some oil products also packaged in this plastic carry bag.

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