What is Flexible Freight Bag?

open top ton bag
open top ton bag

Flexible Shipping Packaging Containers

International standard ton bag pattern ton bag (also called container bag/space bag/flexible container/ton bag/jumbo bag/storage big bag/mother bag): It is a flexible transport packaging container. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation-resistant, firm and safe, and has sufficient strength in structure. Due to the convenience of loading, unloading, and handling FIBC jumbo bags, the loading and unloading efficiency has been significantly improved, and it has developed rapidly in recent years. Container bags are generally made of polyester fibers such as polypropylene and polyethylene.
Ton bag, also known as flexible freight bags, container bags, space bulk bags, etc., is a medium-sized bulk container and a kind of bulk bag unit appliance. With a crane or a forklift, the container can be realized. unitized transport.

ton bag with spout
ton bag with spout

It is easy to ship bulk powdery materials and has the characteristics of large volume, lightweight, and easy loading and unloading. It is one of the common packaging materials. It is characterized by simple structure, lightweight, foldable, small space for emptying, and cheaper price.

Performance characteristics

  •  The load capacity of the Flexible Freight Bag is between 0.5-3Ton, the volume is between 500-2300L, and the insurance factor can be designed according to user needs.
  • The according to the content, the goods are divided into two categories: bulk cargo shipping sack bags and small-package cargo container bags, which are suitable for one-time use and turnovers.
  • According to the shape of the Flexible Freight Bag, is divided into three types: round, square, and U-shaped. 
  • The lifting structure includes top hanging type, side hanging type, and bottom hanging type, usually with an inlet and outlet.


  • Applicable type: reusable/disposable
  • Shape: square/rectangular/
  • Lifting method: top hanging/side hanging/bottom hanging
  • Raw material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Load capacity: 0.3 tons – 2 tons


Also, you know Flexible Freight packaging Bag is made of polypropylene as the main raw material. After adding a small number of stable condiments, the plastic film is melted and extruded by an extruder, cut into filaments, and then stretched. It is made into high strength and low elongation by heat setting. The high-quality PP raw silk is then woven and coated to make the base cloth of plastic woven fabric, which is sewed with slings and other accessories to make a ton bag.

Pay attention to the situation

ton bag with skirt
ton bag with skirt
  • Do not stand under the jumbo bag during the lifting operation.
  • Please hang the hook on the central part of the sling or sling, do not sling, single-sided, or slanted hoisting the shipping sack bags.
  • Do not rub, hook or collide with other items during operation.
  • Do not pull the sling backward to the outside.
  • When the container bag is operated by a forklift, please do not let the fork touch or pierce the bag’s body to prevent the big bag from being pierced.
  • When handling the workshop, try to use pallets, avoid hanging the container bag with a hook, and move it while shaking.
  • Keep the container bag upright during loading, unloading, and stacking.
  • Do not hold the container bag upright.
  • Do not drag the FIBC on the ground or concrete.
  • When storing outdoors as a last resort, the FIBC Jumbo bag should be placed on the shelf, and the tonne bulk bag must be tightly covered with an opaque awning cloth.
  • After use, wrap the bulk big bag with paper or opaque shed cloth and store it in a ventilated place.

Scope of application

Chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, plastic raw materials, food additives, feed additives, metallurgical powder, ore powder, refractory materials, etc. are all suitable for the industry of ton bag packaging.

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