FIBC - A Bulk Packaging System!

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FIBC, popularly known as jumbo bags, belongs to the family of HDPE( high viscosity polyethylene)/ PP( polypropylene) packaging. FIBC bulk bag is said to have been first manufactured in the late 1950s/ early 1960s in the United States, Europe, and Japan. The FIBC manufactured with polyolefin fabrics was experimented with in the UK, Canada, and the US around the late 1960s. The growth of FIBC bulk containers that are widely used moment is still passed with the development of the high-strength featherlight fabric( PP). The FIBC bulk packaging is a giant size bag in the barrel box shape, with capacities ranging from 250- 2000 kg depending on the bulk viscosity of the product. The FIBC bulk packaging can be custom erected to meet specific demands and also UV stabilized.

China witnessed the preface of FIBC during the early 1989s and has since grown to be a frontline manufacturer in the world. The use of FIBC in Europe started in the 1970s, growing to a product of around 20 million units in the 2000s. At present periodic growth rate is estimated to be 10- 15.
Advantages of FIBC Low cost of packaging. Easy stuffing and discharge. Savings in lading unloading time due to ease of running. Low weight packaging of transport. erected in the safety factor of at least 51 on nominal cargo. It can be used for storehouses in the open air. No conditions of pallets when compared to small bags- tone supporting. Good chemical and organic resistance. Eco-friendly, since the product is recyclable.

Major exercises of FIBC

Makeing jumbo fabric
PP woven FIBC bulk fabric

FIBC are used to pack a variety of materials, but now in western countries, cement and diseases regard at some 60 on the FIBC scale.

Other accouterments being transported in FIBC are Plastic resin, Bio feasts, cutlet mixes, cleansers, and Ebonite.
The FIBC jumbo bag assiduity is characterized by multitudinous units with varied capacities having scattered presence and feeding different client members. I suppose I’ve still not used the complete form of big-ton bags which are flexible intermediate bulk holders. Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging is specialized in big-ton packaging bags with 19 years of experience. Welcome to inquiry to us.

FIBC bag handle in roll
FIBC bag handle in roll

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