What is the FIBC bag (Jumbo bag)?

FIBC bag, also known as flexible container bag, ton bag, space bag, bulk bag, Jumbo bag, etc. It is a kind of container unit appliance. With a crane or forklift, it can realize container unit transportation. Kaigao FIBC packing bag is suitable for bulk shipment. Bulk powder and granular material. It is widely used in the transportation packaging and storage packing of powdered, granular, and massive items. Such as food, grain, medicine, chemical industry, and mineral products. It is easy to ship bulk powdery materials, has the characteristics of large volume, lightweight, easy loading, and unloading, etc. It is one of the common packaging materials.

What is the FIBC used for?

The FIBC jumbo bag is widely used in water and soil construction projects and powder, granular, and block materials in chemical raw materials. Ore sand, mineral powder, metal powder, minerals, synthetic materials, chemical products, plastics, carbon black, kaolin, electrolytic manganese, cement, and other industries. Packaging of products, etc. It has the advantages of being lightweight, high strength, good toughness, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, insulation, convenient packaging, and suitable stacking.

The design of the one-tonne polypropylene fibc bulk bag should strictly implement the national standard GB/T10454-2000. Bulk woven bags are used as export packaging to ensure that the exported goods can effectively protect the loaded items, during the process of loading, unloading, transportation, and storage, and transport the goods to the destination in good condition. Therefore, the design of the container bag must meet four main points, namely safety, storage, usability, and sealing. Mainly refers to the strength of the container bag. In the design, it is necessary to consider the packaging volume, the weight of the contents, and the number of packaging units, as well as the distance of the transportation distance and the number of handling times, and which means of transportation and transportation methods to use.

Bulk FIBC packing bag details:

Bag size: Length, width, and height required to maximize storage or transport.
SWL: This stands for Safe Working Load, which tells you how many pounds of product the bag can hold.
Bag style: Circular, U-panel, four-panel, or baffled
Lift Loop: Quantity, length, width, and position.
Fill type: Spout, duffle, or full open-top.
Discharge type: Spout, full-dump bottom, or none
Discharge cover: Star closure, iris closure, full-flap cover, or none
Electrostatic type: A, B, C, or D.
Coating: To reduce moisture or materials seeping through the fabric.
Sift proofing: For very fine powder products.
Used for: Chemicals, fertilizers, food products, pharmaceutical products, hemp, grains, plastics, minerals, scrap seeds, and much more.

                                    PP woven FIBC jumbo bag

Circular Woven:  PP FIBC bags are made from fabric that is woven into a tube on a circular loom and then cut to the desired size. Despite having a square top and bottom sewn onto the bag, circular-woven bags still have a circular/cylindrical shape when filled. One advantage to circular-woven bags is the minimal amount of stitching needed (just the top and bottom). The possible downside: They do not hold their shape as well as other styles of bags.

Plastic jumbo bag/extra large jumbo storage bags

Four-Panel:  Jumbo bag is made of four individual panels sewn together to create a square. One advantage of a four-panel bag is that it maintains a square shape when filled.

bulk ton bag kinds of design

U-panel:  Jumbo bulk bags made up of three panels. One panel runs the full length of the bag, forming a U and creating the bottom and two of the sides. Two more panels are sewn to the U to form the other two sides. U- panel bags maintain a square shape when filled, especially if it has baffles.



Baffle:  It help a bag keep its shape and prevents bulging. Baffles are pieces of fabric with holes that are sewn to the inside corners of the bag. The holes let the product flow through them to fill the entire space.

Big Bag Structure

Four-Loop: Most FIBC bulk bags will have four loops at the corner of each bag and are used for lifting bags using a forklift.

Two-Loop: Mainly used for lifting bulk woven bags with smaller capacities and are ideal if you don’t have a forklift.

two loop jumbo bag
Polypropylene FIBC bulk bag
ton bag production line
bulk bag package

Corner Loops: Woven jumbo bags sewing into each corner seam of the bulk bag are the most common loop type. When using a forklift, all four loops must be used.

Cross-Corner Loops: PP bulk bags sewing into eight points on opposite corners of the bulk bag. This makes the loops bigger and stands upright, so forklifts can grab them more easily. Cross-corner loops require a circular woven bulk bag.

Stevedore Straps: Heavy-duty straps that thread through two sets of lift loops on a bulk bag to offer additional ways to lift the bag.

Ton bag design principles:

The flexible intermediate bulk container bag‘s design should strictly implement the national standard GB/T10454-2000. FIBC plastic woven bags are used as export packaging to ensure. That the exported goods can effectively protect the loaded items, during the process of loading, unloading, transportation, and storage, and transport the goods to the destination in good condition. Therefore, the design of the Big ton bag must meet four main points, namely safety, storage, usability, and sealing.
The company is specialized in the production of various types of Fibc Jumbo packing bags (ton bags, bulk woven packaging). Thant anti-aging, conductive, anti-static, anti-leakage, stretch bag for powder chemical industry. All kinds of ferroalloy and non-ferrous metal, mineral, non-mineral, and other big container bags.

Customer first-Packing world, world packing.

 With many years of professional development and experienced production, Kaigao FIBC jumbo bags have the stable quality of various products. With high-quality ton bags and perfect services. Also, the company strictly controls the quality of products, so that ton big woven jumbo bags are truly beautiful, strong, durable, and cheap. Kaigo firmly implements the strategic policy of quality first and attaches, great importance to the research and development of new products. And can develop new products according to market needs, and customer requirements.
Integrating design, production, and after-sale tracking, we seek development and win-win with integrity. Since its establishment, Kaigao jumbo pp bulk bags company has begun to take shape, also professional technology, reliable ton bag quality, and land and road transportation. And other modes of transportation, also after-sales service is our guarantee, the business is booming. The company always adheres to the high quality, high standard, and strict requirements of products. Which is the core competitiveness of the enterprise’s survival.
The company adheres to the principles of quality assurance, excellent service, honesty, and emphasis on the market. And has been fully affirmed, and trusted by the majority of demand groups in the plastic packaging emptying bulk bags industry. Export-grade quality assurance. Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging looks forward to working with you.

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