Flour packing bag

FIBC bag

FIBC bag is a flexible shipping packaging container. It has the advantages of being moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation-resistant, firm, and safe. and FIBC packing bag has sufficient strength in structure. Due to the convenience of loading, unloading, and handling container bags. the loading and unloading efficiency has been significantly improved, and it has developed rapidly in recent years. Container bags are generally made of polyester fibers. such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

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 Bulk Container( FIBC) Goliath Bags

We manufacture and supply Goliath bags of different types similar to regular jumbo bags, anti-static jumbo bags, and conductive bulk bags each over the globe at an effective price.

FIBC Bags, also known as Goliath Bags Bulk Bags, that we offer are cost-effective packaging results for storehouse & transportation of a wide range of accouterments similar as chemicals, food, essence, etcetera.

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ton bag pp material bulk package

We offer custom acclimatized FIBC bags or Goliath bags to suit the individual demand, or custom conditions similar to indirect bags, voiced bags, pre-shaped liner bags, fused liner bags, certified food grade bags, dust evidence bags, cocoon bags, lair lift circle bags, single circle, and two circle bags, UN Bags, etc. Our FIBC bags are ideal and cost-effective quilting used for storehouse and transportation of a wide range of accouterments similar to chemicals, food, essence, etc. These bags have a large storehouse capacity.