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Custom size, grams, color, logo and sewing.
The top and bottom sewing as you need.
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We try to do the best for each client's order, provide the highest quality and competitive price.

Professional PP woven bag

At every stage of the product, we apply strict quality control measures. From opting for raw materials to examining finished products, we cleave to rigorous norms to guarantee trustability and continuity. We understand the significance of our guests’ businesses and take this responsibility seriously.

We customize the pp woven bags to clients’ requirements as well, the plastic pp woven bags include rice bags, feed bags, seed bags, sand packages, flour packing bags, and grain woven sacks, used in Agriculture, the Chemical industry, Construction, and so on. 

Customize as you need

We are professional manufacture pp woven bag for clients customize, for the color, size, grams, printing, and sewing.

Fast delivery

We have the fast delivery for each order, also we are trying to do the best for you.

Export all over the world

Our customers from all over the world, our plant stands out as a professional woven bag manufacturer due to our expansive experience, advanced technology, strict quality control, concentration on client satisfaction, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

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