Advantages and disadvantages of a common Greenhouse film

Advantages and disadvantages of a common Greenhouse film

Greenhouse with plastic film
Greenhouse with plastic film

1. Polyvinyl chloride(PVC) film

This kind of chalet film has good humidity retention and light transmission, is soft and easy to shape, and is suitable as an external covering material for greenhouses,
glasshouses, and small and medium-sized shanties.
The advantages and disadvantages of common greenhouse films weakness is:
1) The viscosity of the film is high and the cost is high;
2) It’s easy to come brittle at low temperatures and easy to soften and relax at high temperatures;
3) After the complements are rained, the film face is vacuumed, which affects light transmission;
( 4) The residual film can not be degraded or burned.

The main products are

1) Ordinary PVC exfoliates film use period is 4- 6 months, and it can produce one season of crops. It’s presently being phased out;
2) PVCanti-aging film the effective service period is 8- 10 months, with sound light transmission, heat preservation, and rainfall resistance;
( 3) PVC film has anti-aging and sopping parcels at the same time, good light transmission and heat preservation, the non-drip property can be maintained for 4- 6 months, and the safe service life is 12- 18 months. expansive, it’s the favored covering material for high-effectiveness and energy-saving solar greenhouses;
( 4) PVC rainfall-resistant and non-drip and dust-evidence film In addition to its rainfall-resistant and drip-resistant parcels, the face of the film has been treated, which is more beneficial to the civilization of solar glasshouses
in downtime and spring.

2. Polyethylene resin( PE) film’s soft texture, ease to shape, good light transmission, and non-toxic, is presently the main agrarian film variety in my country. The disadvantage is that the rainfall resistance and heat preservation are poor, and it isn’t easy to bond.

The main products are

1) Ordinary PE exfoliate film the service life is only 4- 6 months, and it’s gradationally excluded from the product;
( 2) anti-aging chalet film The consistency of this chalet film is 0.08-0.12 mm, and the service life is as long as 12-18 months. It can be used for 2-3 seasons of crop civilization. With a substantial increase in affair value, it’s the most popular agrarian film variety in installation civilization;
( 3) PE nondrip anti-aging film has the advantages of trickling, rainfall resistance, light transmission, and heat preservation at the same time, the anti-fog effect can be maintained for 2- 4 months, and the anti-aging life can reach 12-18 months Moon is presently the safest and most extensively used variety of agrarian film. It can be used in greenhouses
and large, medium, and small shanties, and is also suitable for early spring civilization in energy-saving solar greenhouses;
( 4) PE thermal sequestration exfoliate film can help infrared shafts from radiating into the atmosphere, ameliorate the thermal sequestration effect of glasshouses
by 1-2 oc, and the operation effect is better in cold regions;
( 5) PE functional compound film has numerous functions similar as drip-free, heat preservation, rainfall resistance, and life. the l-Blue light film, glass reflective film, etc.


Clear plastic film
Clear plastic film

3. Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer(EVA resin) film

This kind of chalet film has better light transmittance, heat preservation, and rainfall resistance than PVC or PE agrarian film, and can be used continuously for further than 2 times without distortion before growing. It can be reclaimed accessibly, and it isn’t easy to beget soil or environmental pollution.

4. Polyolefin( pv) film This film combines the characteristics of pe and Eva, with high strength, good anti-aging performance, high light transmittance, and no dangerous gas emitted during combustion.

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