pp woven bag sewing production

What is advange of pp woven bag?

PP( polypropylene) woven bags are extensively used as introductory packaging material in husbandry and assiduity. PP is the condensation of Polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic resin produced by propylene polymerization. Weaving by machine or knitting is the system of gathering a lot of polypropylene type from underpinning and weft to form PP woven fabric in certain operations. PP woven bag is made by cutting the tube of PP woven fabric into a special length, sewing it on one side, and opening it on the other side.

With the development of high-quality specifications, further and further attention has been paid to the chastity of products, the appearance of the packaging, and the pollution of grease paint scraps discharged from bags. thus, the selection of packaging bags come relatively important. Throughout history, the kraft bag was used as the packaging of products. Because the craft bag isn’t a single material and it’s easy to produce other pollution sources, the PP woven bag has no similar trouble.
Either, PP woven bags have great advantages in recovering and reproducing.

pp woven bag
woven bag with red strips

The specific advantages are as follows

1) PP material is non-toxic.
2) The continuity of PP woven material makes PP woven bags applicable

3) Easy to clean and antibacterial
4) The bag itself is light in weight.

5) The knitting system makes the woven bag permeable
6) Low cost

In order to meet the different requirements of different guests, Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging can give PP woven bags for different purposes, similar as construction refuse bags, flour and grain bags, swab bags, beach bags, and soon. However, please communicate to us, If you have any demands.
What’s a PP woven bag?
PP is the condensation of polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic resin material that is produced by the polymerization of propylene. Woven, or weaving is a system of putting numerous polypropylene videotapes together from underpinning and weft directions to form them as pp woven fabric for certain operations. To cut the tube shape of pp woven fabric into a specific length, also suture it by one side, and let another side open, it also can be called a pp woven bag.

Why choose woven polypropylene bags for packaging

white color woven bag
white color pp woven bag

1) PP material is completely non-toxic

2) The continuity of pp has woven material to make the pp woven bags applicable.

3) It’s easy to clean and anti-bacterial.

4) The bag is lightweight.

5) Weaving system makes the woven sacks permeable.

6) Low- costs. It’s famous as the name of cheap woven polypropylene bag.

What are the operations of PP woven bags?

grain woven bag
pp woven bag for grain

1) Agrarian product packaging.

Benefits from its advantage of cost-effectiveness and continuity, PP woven bags are extensively used as flour bags, rice bags, sludge bags, seed bags, grain bags, feed bags, toxin bags, and so on.
2) Foodstuff packaging.

Thanks to the-toxic point of the pp sack, it’s also a good package choice for foodstuffs, similar to rice bags, sugar bags, swab bags, flour bags, etc.
3) Artificial packaging.

Polypropylene sacks manufacturers from China export their material to guests from assiduity also, the sacks are used as chemical bags, cement bags, structure material bags, or as packages of tackle and further.

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