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Packaging is an important link between producers and end-users. We are happy to advise customers on efficient purchasing, storage, and logistics. In our industrial department, Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging develops and markets packaging for the food and animal feed industry, and sectors such as chemicals, pharmacy, and construction.
We are glad to help develop packaging concepts, that add value to every link in the chain. From efficient processing and maximum protection, and during transport to an eye-catching presentation for the consumer.

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who we are?

Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging

We are based in Shandong, China. Since 2003, Linyi Kaigao Plastic Packaging is a professional factory, supplier, also an enterprise engaged in the production of plastic woven bags, food packaging, and agricultural products. Also, we have passed SGS, CE, and other certifications. At present, the export ratio of the company’s products in Africa (20.00%), Middle East (20.00%), South America (15.00%), North America (10.00%), Northern Europe (10.00%), Eastern Europe (5.00%), Southeast Asia (5.00%), East Asia (5.00%), Western Europe (5.00%), domestic market (5.00%). There are about 11-50 people in our office in total.

We at Linyi Kaigao regard our employees as our best assets. And convinced that leads to more creativity and productivity, then that is of the utmost importance for our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We aim to work on a highly personal basis, passionately and enjoyable according to the plan, we have made together. Our motto is: ‘Together is better. Together we deliver our customers sustainable customization, logistics solutions, and innovation through co-creation.

Our Factory

Our factory is kept clean and hygienic, with a reasonable production process and quality inspection department.


We focus on good quality and competitive price, every order is perfect.


Every perfect order is our customer's increased trust and will be the global packaging expert in the future.

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